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Dr Fi Dann

Dr* Fiona Dann
MSc Chiropractic, MSc Applied Toxicology, BSc Hons (x2)

Detox specialist and holistic practitioner.

Dr Fi first trained as a chiropractor, graduating in 2002 with a first class honours degree and a masters in Chiropractic.  She also had trained in kinesiology and cranio-sacral therapy whilst still at college.  Early in her career she found that many people, while responding well to chiropractic care, had problems that needed a different approach.  These people included autistic and hyperactive children, people with depression, autoimmune disease and fatigue. 

In 2003 she learnt of Dr Tim Ray's work on detox.  The focus here was getting heavy metals (mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic), chemical toxins and mycotoxins (from moulds and yeasts) out of the body so that the body could heal its self.  An inevitable part of a practitioner's life is trying everything first to see what it will do.  In Dr Fi's case the results were very unexpected.  She had improvements in vision, hearing, balance, mathmatical ability, and got rid of her long term depression.  Since then Dr Fi has been an advocate of effective heavy metal detox. 

In recent years, with a developing detox and holistic approach based practice, Dr Fi realised the Chiropractic lable no longer fitted what she did..  In 2010 Dr Fi moved back from Switzerland where she had been working on designing and testing a detox product line for Biologo (, so set up practice in Totnes, South Devon.

Dr Fi has just started working with Special Horses for Special children. 

Dr Fi's practice

In her practice Dr Fi looks closely at the function of the body to see what is needed to enable a person to heal.  She has found over many years that while people are used to the idea that the mind affects the body and can be a cause of many physical condition, many people are not able to see or address what is going on and need help.  Even more of an issue however has been that what goes on in the body can affect the mind.  Dr Fi has dealt with many so called 'mental issues' only to find, when testing the person, that the issue is body based.  Many people in todays society have issues such as heavy metal toxicity, leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, chronic infections such as Lyme disease, and less than optimal liver function. These conditions can lead to body, mind or body and mind symptoms.

Treatment with Dr Fi may involve detox formulas, diet changes, body work, flower and gem essences, laser therapy, herb based tinctures, nutritional therapy, lab tests, referral to a dentist for amalgam removal, and lifestyle advice.  Each patient has different needs, and Dr Fi tailors the treatment to suit them.  Treatment sessions usually are 1-2 hours on the first visit, then 30-60 minutes after that, depending on what needs to be dealt with.   For those not able to get to South Devon, Dr Fi is willing to travel to them, if there is a location to work from andthree or more people interested.  A limited simple detox service can be provided through phone and by post, but is only suitable for simple cases.

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* The use of the title 'Dr ' is a courtesy title attached to those who gain the qualifications as a chiropractor.  The use of it on this site does not imply the ownership of a medical Qualification.  Fi is not a medical doctor and does not diagnose and treat disease.

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