Natural Detox Solutions - Effective detox from heavy metal, chemical and fungal toxins

General principles for a healthy life

  • A daily multi vitamin and multi mineral, plus a good quality fish oil is a minimum.
  • If you have a specific health issue you will need to find out what nutrition can help you.

  • As much organic as possible
  • Eat in a relaxed environment.  Take time to eat
  • Enjoy your food
  • Chew it well
  • Choose dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate
  • Eat plenty of raw foods - salads, nuts, seeds, fruit
  • Find out which foods work well for your body and which don't.

  • Find a form of excercise you enjoy - if you don't you will not stick to it.
  • Use the stairs instead of the lift
  • Get off the bus a stop or two before you normally do, and walk
  • Excercise improves your ability to cope with stress, your energy levels, joint health, heart , lungs and gut.  You just need to get moving in a way that works for you

  • If you smoke, you will have been told many many times that you need to quit, so I am assuming here that this advice is for people who either don't want to or can't quit.
  • Switch to a tobacco that is free from additives - additives include fungicides, flavourings, preservatives etc, and can be worse than the tobacco itself.  American spirit or Pueblo are two such brands.
  • Put a few drops of micronised chlorella onto the filter before you smoke to absorb some of the heavy metal toxins in the smoke.
  • Take a high dose vitamin C supplement.  Smokers use vitamin C up to 50 times faster than non-smokers.  It is one of the reasons for skin aging.

  • Get your amalgam fillings replaced properly 
  • Do a heavy metal, chemical and fungal toxin detox
  • Take micronised chlorella products to maintain detox

Healthy mind
  • Socialise, be involved in groups.   This has a major impact on health and longevity
  • Own a pet - it helps mental health and longevity
  • Release your emotions, do not bottle them up.  If this is difficult, or there are issues that cause you distress, techniques such as NLP, EFT or other 'tapping' techniques can assist.
  • Enjoy life, look on the bright side.
  • If you are having a bad day, be okay about it, tomorrow may well be very different. 

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